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"Well this guy writes about Orc’s as though he’s lived with them all his life. A really fun read. Perfect for younger adults looking for something different!"
- Best Slice of Pie

"Murray hit it out of the park."
- Review and Feature on the Sci-Guys Podcast 130 @ 12:15

"This story was simply amazing. It’s written like no other fantasy I’ve ever read. It’s NOT the typical orc, elf, dragon, dungeons and dragons tale. Not even close, although there are orcs, elves, dragons, ogres and much more... This is the first book I can remember reading where I came to the end and literally begged to the book gods that the author had already written book 2. He hasn’t, but after looking into it I found that he plans to write it. THIS is the kind of story that I’d like to see in theater. I loved this. Wholly and completely loved this."
- Angel in the Underworld

"In the final assessment this must be about as fantastic as fantasy gets!" 
- Little Ebook Reviews

"I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like a fresh take on the fantasy realm."
- Voracious Reader


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