Monday, December 22, 2014

The Orc of Many Answers Update

Finished the 3rd draft and about to send The Orc of Many Answers off for proof reading. Due to unavoidable delays the Christmas release will slip a little, however the book should be out within the next few weeks. Hang tight!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back from the Editor!

Just got The Orc of Many Answers back from the editor. She Loved it! Things are on track for a Christmas release, just review of the editorial edit and additional copy edit to go!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Progress Update: The Orc of Many Answers

All four alpha readers have gotten back to me with feedback. Completing changes this week, then The Orc of Many Answers goes to the editor!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Draft Complete!

First draft of The Orc of Many Answers Complete at 98,000 words, almost double the length of the first novel. Will send it to alpha readers tomorrow.

One Chapter Remaining

As of today I am writing the last chapter of The Orc of Many Answers. So close now.

I expect to send first draft to alpha readers Sunday evening.

The Christmas release is still on schedule!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Final Cover Art for The Orc of Many Answers

The final version of the cover art for The Orc of Many Answers, by the very talented Raymond Tan.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Iliya Zaki - The Journey

Chapter Titles for the Next Orcs Book

For those of you who are fond of the questions in the last book, here are a taste of things to come...

Prologue - Why Little Orcs Need Answers
Chapter 1 - Why it is Hard to Run from Orcs
Chapter 2 - What Orcs and Elves Have in Common
Chapter 3 - Why Orcs Hate Making Deals
Chapter 4 - Why Orcs are Taught to Push
Chapter 5 - Why Orcs Rot
Chapter 6 - Why Some Orcs are Not Big on Boots
Chapter 7 - Why Orcs Should Watch What They Eat
Chapter 8 - Why Orcs Know They Are Orcs
Chapter 9 - Why Orcs and Elves Dance
Chapter 10 - Why Orcs Smile
Chapter 11 - Why Orcs are Like Pigs and Boots
Chapter 12 - Why Orcs are Not Merciful
Chapter 13 - Why Orcs Trade Stuff for Stuff
Chapter 14 - Why Orcs Fear Thunder
Chapter 15 - Why Everything Else Can Come Later
Chapter 16 - Why Orcs Sniff Twice
Chapter 17 - Why Orcs Listen Twice
Chapter 18 - Why Orcs Keep Balance
Chapter 19 - Why the Sea Calls Us
Chapter 20 - Why Orcs Win
Chapter 21 - What Orcs Treasure
Chapter 22 - What Orcs Know Well
Chapter 23 - Why Orcs Lose
Chapter 24 - Why I Don't Want To Go Home
Chapter 25 - Why We Don't Have to Take
Chapter 26 - Why Orcs Surrender
Chapter 27 - Why Orcs Will Not Survive
Chapter 28 - Why Answers Are Not Kind
Chapter 29 - How Orcs Become Monsters
Chapter 30 - Why Humans Need Wings
Chapter 31 - Why Answers Are Not Enough

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travel Page Coming!

I have been living overseas a while, so I thought I might put together a few thoughts on travel in the places I have been to and lived in.

Coming soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cover for the Orc of Many Answers Commissioned

A cover for the next book of many orcs has been commissioned by the very talented Raymond Tan, who also did the first book in the series.

Drafts will be posted as they arrive.

- Shane

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Book of Many Orcs: Update

The next orcs book is slowly coming along (I apologize for the lackluster progress). On a positive note the pace of writing has picked up recently, and I am over the half way hump! 50,000 words down! Woo! Yeah! Alright!


Seriously though, for the first orcs book, the second half of the book flowed so much easier, and was finished way faster. It took me about eight months to write the first half of the first orcs book, and only one month to smash through the second half. This time around it has taken me about a year to write the first half, and now that the direction is pretty clear for the rest of the novel I am confident that I can push out the second half of the book in the next three months, and publish by Christmas.

Well, it seems I have set myself a deadline here.

Hang on to your (Christmas) hats. The second book in The Book of Many Orcs will be out before Santa!

- Shane

p.s. Tenatively changing the title to The Orc of Many Answers. I think it matches will with the first book in the series :-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Long Awaited Update for Orcs 2

Dear World,

Orcs 2 has been plodding along slowly but surely the last few months. It currently sits at about 45,000 words, only 14,0000 words less than the first orcs book! Orcs 2 will be much longer though, I expect about 90,000 words compared to the 59,000 of orcs 1.

I feel like I have written some pretty epic scenes so far, and the best is yet to come. I hope you all like it :-)