Monday, September 24, 2012

Progress Update: Blood for the Dying

Dear World,

After having mashed the original first and second books of the series together I am about 95% through a massive rewrite of the first book of the Grey Worlds. 75% done in the current editing pass, then only a few final things to add it and amend.

The rewrite is going really well, though it made me realize just how much work the editing process can be if you truly want to fix up a plot, not to mention making the world and characters layered enough to feel real and light fire to emotions.

I will be finished with this rewrite by the start of October, after that will be sending it to beta readers with a month-to-read-and-review deadline, then finally, at long last, give it back to the editor. At this stage I am looking for an early 2013 release.

The book is going really well. If you readers feel half what I feel when I read and write these scenes I am sure you will love it.

Lots of love to all,


p.s. here is more music to write and read to :)

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