Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Grey Worlds

In the beginning there was nothing. No time, no darkness, no light, no sound, or air, or water or anything else. Nothing but nothingness.
Then, by chance or perhaps a hand divine, the nothingness began to break. From the wound came two eternal beings, one of pure light and one of pure darkness, their passage carried by the wings of time. They were the two halves of the nothingness that had been, opposites born only to destroy one another. For a millennium they fought, the battle raging like a tempestuous ocean, its aftermath etching out the cosmos.
Then, something odd and profoundly impossible occurred, the light and darkness began to merge, creating the first ‘Grey Worlds’, giving life to mortals and immortals.
Among the abundance of life one being rose up and laid claim to the power of light. Armed with this weapon the creature, Old Evil, destroyed the balance of the Grey Worlds and consumed the gods of all things great and small, forever stealing a part of all things. Never again shall we laugh or cry or love like we did in the days of old. Under the tyranny of Old Evil we were nothing but slaves, left to burn under the eternal sun, never to rest, bound by fear and chains of gold.
Then one day group of powerful beings came from beyond the stars to fight Old Evil, drawing on the power of darkness to balance the power of light. The called themselves the Alarest, and with their help we finally found back, a long war that drove us to the edge of extinction before we were able to banish Old Evil to the Cala’lae, The World Between Worlds.
The battle won, the Alarest created the moon to balance the sun, blessing us with the night as a ward against the ever encroaching light. With humanity safe the Alarest withdrew deep in the mountains of the Silver Peaks. They have watched over us ever since, forever vigilant.
However all things change, such is the way of grey things. Old Evil still remains, as cruel and powerful as it ever was, waiting for glimpse of light in the cloak of shadows that hides us. We are not yet free. We are still slaves to fear.
Be brave, children of the Grey Worlds.
- The Grey Book

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