Saturday, August 18, 2012

Silver and Jade Teaser Song

Euvaris signaled for the flute and harp to start, letting the crowd settle for a few moments before starting to sing once again.

Oh! I’ve been around the world once or twice, 

Kissed a fair lady and held her thrice, 

But in all my time, 

The one who makes my heart chime, 

It’s her… 

Euvaris pointed to the blonde barmaid and paused, letting the audience join in.

“THE EASY LASS!” roared the crowd.

Gars stepped up and began his solo, his rhythm light and easy, many a patron’s foot tapping along. He went on for nearly a half a minute, before stepping back to allow Euvaris to continue the next verse.

Oh there have been ones who speak sweetly, 

And ones who fill my stomach a completely, 

But in all my time, 

The one whose bed I’d like to climb, 

It’s her… 

Again Euvaris paused, this time pointing at the brunette - who couldn’t help but smile despite the crude lyrics. The crowd responded with vigour as he singled her out, clapping and singing along with him.


Euvaris leapt from the stage and spun on his boots, Gars and Kaes joining in a flute and harp duo behind him. Unlike his youngest brother he had no trouble dancing, and he quickly tapped his way over to the brown haired barmaid who was struggling to start her first day at work. To the cheers of the crowd he took her hand and pulled her to towards the stage, leading her through a routine with ease despite the fact that she had little feel for rhythm.

She certainly would not do. Euvaris could see she as pretty but there was no way he could marry a woman who couldn’t dance. He released the young woman and jumped back onto the stage, settling in for the final verse.

Oh they have come pretty and they have come lame, 

But to me they are all one and the same, 

For in the end, 

The only one who makes my heart bend, 

It’s her, it has to be her… 

He dragged the final note on, waiting for the crowd one last time.

“THE EASY LASS!” they finished as one, the music cutting off just as the crowd burst out in a thunderous round of applause, the sound only broken by the occasional soft thud as a few iron squares skidded along the stage.

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