Monday, August 6, 2012

Blurb "Grey Worlds: Silver and Jade"

I had once believed that that the crusade was just. Only now do I begin to doubt, to wonder if I have been played the fool.

The war against the Suei, my war, shattered tenuous balance of power that had existed in the world. It was all for naught, even with the destruction of my enemies their curse remains, eating away at our borders, leaving death and madness in its wake.

The cost of the war was too high. In the years to come I doubt that we will have the strength to hold back the storm gathering in the Federated Kingdoms, lands that have fallen under the sway of wretched men and the golden god of the sun. Even the children of the moon have forsaken us, leaving only a pair of silver eyed babes behind, hands too tiny to hold the cloak of shadows that shields us from the light.

An end is approaching.

I am afraid.

The Diary of Emperor Delmaius Onstradii.
Winter, Day of Coins, Sixth Day of the First Month, 1128 A.E.


A fantasy epic set in the Grey World of Erenarc, a land born of light and shadow. Two princes, one striving for perfection, one just to survive, will begin a quest to uncover the mystery behind an ancient curse, a touch of violet crystal that threatens all.

Yet even more sinister threats lie waiting, masked in the guise of the faceless... and before long the princes shall learn that not even in their heart of power are they safe.

They shall learn that even the mighty can fall.

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